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Knitted Cowl Neck Scarf-Hood-Hat


More commonly referred to as just a “Cowl”, the Cowl neck scarf is a functional, elegant, and versatile accessory that works with different looks and changing weather. It is a cross between a scarf and a hood and is very simple to make. Ready-made Cowls come in various sizes; making your own allows you to choose the size most appropriate for your needs. It is worn draped around the neck like a scarf, or pulled up over the hair and lower face to resemble a hood.

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When worn as a hood it provides warmth for the neck, ears and top of the head and protection from rain or snow.


To make my Cowl:

Yarn type: DK Acrylic variegated yarn dappled with muted shades of green, peach and beige, left over from previous projects.

Needles: UK size no. 8 (4.00mm) circular knitting needles.

Method: Cast on 240 stitches and work knit 2, purl 2 ribbing until the fabric measured 30 inches; this provides just the right amount of drape for my height. If you are quite tall or require a more bulky look, simply increase the number of rows knitted.

Then fold the fabric back onto itself to form a giant cuff and pick up and knit the stitches from the cast on edge together with the corresponding stitches on the needle and cast off in rib.



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