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Crochet Capa-Cuello – Neck Coat – Neck Cape – Capelet No.2


Having made my first Capa-Cuello back in August this year (, I stated that it was my intention to make many more in lots of different colours and designs. So for the second one, I thought I would try a design of my own. I decided that my design had to be worked in the same manner as the original. In one continuous piece from the front opening edge, as this resulted in a really nice fit.


I have always liked the pineapple motif and thought it would be a perfect addition to the design, as it is very adaptable and always looks very nice. However, it proved to be quite a challenge to fit the pineapple motif into the fixed number of rows required for sectional repeats of the design. But I think it worked out very well in the end. Finally, as with the previous Capa Cuello, I finished the project by working five button loops along the right front edge and crocheted five buttons, which I attached to the left front edge to close the front.


This project was very easy to crochet. The size of the garment is determined by the number of pattern repeats. I worked 10 repeats for my project but obviously this number can be reduced or increased as required.

I think my design is just as beautiful as the original.

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