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Crochet Capa-Cuello – Neck Coat – Neck Cape – Capelet


I’m always cold and find my aches and pains become worse with the colder weather. I suffer particularly badly with neck and back pain. Even on a warm summer day, I can have a problem with a draft as a result of sitting near an open window or driving with open car windows. The easy answer, you would think, is a scarf or a shawl. However, I can’t always deal with the bulk of a scarf or shawl, and certainly not when indoors.


I think I’ve found the perfect thing for my neck problems. It’s called a Capa-Cuello (Spanish) which, according to Google, translates to “Neck Coat”.


The original design has no front closure. I think the video suggested that the opening is held together by a broach. However, I did not want to do this. So I worked five button loops along the right front edge and crocheted five buttons, which I attached to the left front edge to close the front. I think it looks a lot better and is much more practical for everyday use.


This project was very easy to crochet. The size of the garment is determined by the number of pattern repeats. I worked 12 repeats for my project, but obviously this number can be reduced or increased as required.

To make my Capa – Cuelo:
Yarn Type: 125grm DK Acrylic hand knitting yarn.
Needles: 5.00mm crochet hook.
Method: Follow the video below.

The video tutorial is in Spanish, but the person demonstrating is very good and can be followed easily. I found that this is best done with the sound off. I watched the video twice in order to understand the basics, then watched a third time, pausing the video to write down firm instructions on paper to work from.

I think my Capa-Cuelo is beautiful. It can be made with any weight yarn, for example, lighter weights for spring/summer. I intend to make many more in lots of different colours and designs.

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