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Crochet Hexagon Motif


It’s a new year, time for a tidy up or a clear out? I decided to have a clear out of some of the small scraps of yarn in my stash. However, when I came to it, I just could not do it! There must be something I could do with the scraps of yarn instead of throwing them out? The only thing that came to mind was granny squares. I’m not fond of the traditional granny square for many reasons, including the fact that you have to sew them together. I especially dislike the overly colourful variety.

I do, however, like geometric shapes. So when I found this particular design…….


I was quite excited, despite the fact that I would have to sew them together!

The yarn scraps are 4 ply. I used only three colours (quite muted), but decided to add further interest by using yarns of different textures. The peach coloured yarn is scrunchy and knobbly, the grey yarn is smooth and silky with a slight sheen, and the black yarn has a firm texture. All three yarns are acrylic. I think the result is quite pleasing, and although I ran out of all three yarns after only seven motifs, I intend to add to this scrap project every time suitable scraps come along.


Happy New Year!

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