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Crochet Woven Filet Mesh Tartan/Plaid Afghan/Blanket/Throw Part 1


Ever since I first saw a woven crochet tartan Afghan two years ago, I have wanted to try to make one. The technique appeared to be quite simple, and I quite like tartan/plaid. However, it took a very long time for me to decide on a design because, although I like tartan/plaid, I am not fond of overly bright colours or busy designs. The inspiration for my Afghan came from the Harley Davidson tartan.


The basic design was quite easy to work out as it basically consists of stripes of contrasting colour, of varying widths, and crossed at right angles against a solid colour background.


Having worked out my design, I now needed yarn….

The yarn I chose to use is 100% acrylic Aran. I’ve never used Aran for crochet before, but I chose Aran because I wanted my design to have a more chunky and oversized look. My favourite colour is black, I think it adds drama to everything and is therefore perfect for the base colour of my Afghan. The other contrast colours I’ve used are Grape, Sliver Grey and Cream. Unfortunately, I had to use two different brands of yarn as I was unable to obtain all the colours in the same brand. I am a bit worried about how this will affect the finished project as the black yarn is considerably softer than the contrasting colours.

So finally, on 8th October this year I started my first woven crochet Afghan. I have almost completed the filet mesh base, with only 12 inches to go. If all goes well, I hope to have the weaving done by Christmas.

How will it turn out? Watch this space!

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