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Crochet sample swatch – Interlocking crochet – Intermeshing Crochet – Double Filet Crochet


This lovely design was adapted from a small piece of hideous gold and black coloured 60’s/70’s wall paper, that I recently discovered while stripping a wall. Apart from the colour, the design is almost exactly the same, although the shapes on the wallpaper tended to be a bit more pointed. Interlocking Crochet /Intermeshing Crochet /Double Filet Crochet is based on cells/boxes, therefore sharp pointed shapes are usually only seen on the back of the fabric(side B). The fabric is reversible.


The design is almost a collection of diamonds. In fact, in order to create a chart to work from, I placed three diamond shaped charts end to end. Then, I made slight changes to the size of each part of the design, by adding and removing cells where necessary in order to make smaller motif fit.

ColBchart            ColAchart

Once worked out, the design was very easy to follow and I think it turned out pretty well.


To make my sample motif:
Yarn Type: Unknown amounts of Double knitting yarn, left over from a previous projects, in colours Blue and White.
Needles: 4.00mm crochet hook.
Method: Work a foundation row of 31 cells in colour A and 30 cells in colour B, and follow the charts.

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