Edging Motif – Intermeshing Crochet – Double Filet Crochet – Interlocking crochet

28 Mar


I am currently working on a design idea for another Afghan using the technique of Intermeshing Crochet/Double filet Crochet/Interlocking Crochet; I prefer this technique as it produces a totally reversible fabric which is perfect for Afghans or Blankets.

In my yarn stash I have a full cone of 4 ply machine knitting yarn in what the label describes as caramel colour. However, it looks more like a pinky beige. Not the most exciting colour I’ve seen, and it will really need a bold design to liven it up. I think a chocolate/cocoa brown colour would be most appropriate for the second yarn colour.

I had an intended to try a “Greek key” type design as a surrounding edge to a less formal inner main body design for the Afghan. I have not got very far with the design for the main body as yet, but I have decided not to go with the Greek key idea. Instead, I’m going to use the “cross” part of a “noughts and crosses” design I have also been working on for some time as the surround ( most of the time I have a few design ideas either partially executed or floating around in my mind) …..


The basic chart used for the “X” motif…..


Each individual motif is worked over 9 cells (10 dc’s).

Obliviously, you will need to multiply the number of motifs in accordance with the size Afghan required. But as the intended surrounding edge, it would look something like this…………


Now, all I have to do is come up with a design idea for the main body of the Afghan!



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