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Sample alphabet blanket/play-mat design – Interlocking crochet – Intermeshing Crochet – Double Filet Crochet


I had an idea for a child’s alphabet blanket/play-mat design using the technique of intermeshing crochet/interlocking crochet, and created a spreadsheet chart to work from. I started to work on the design, which incorporates small motifs in addition to the alphabet, but lost interest in the project. This sample is as far as I got…


The sample is worked over 29 cells col A , 28 cells col B, in 4 ply acrylic using 3mm hook, and measures 8”X7” (not blocked).


The created chart required a little tweaking (as you can see from the number of cells around the central motif in each square of the finished sample). I prefer to use charts rather than lengthy instructions which are very time consuming. I have a lot more work to do on this design. The small motifs used in the sample are not very child friendly, and I have the rest of the alphabet to work out. I will undoubtedly return to this project in the future.




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