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Geometric design – Intermeshing Crochet – Double Filet Crochet – Interlocking crochet


Continuing my chart experiments using the technique of intermeshing crochet – double filet crochet. This sample was made using part of an original chart, which can be found at

I like geometric designs and chose this one because it has a very strong look which could be used as a “square” in a larger project made up of different design squares. It would also look great on an Afghan/blanket for a male as it has quite a masculine look, which is the same on both sides but with the colours reversed.

The chart is quite easy to follow and required very little tweaking. But unfortunately, I ran out of yarn prior to finishing the final row of cells. This is one of the negative aspects of using leftover scrap yarn.

To make my sample:
Yarn Type: 4 ply Acrylic machine knitting yarn, left over from a previous project.
Needles: 3.00mm crochet hook.
Method: Work a foundation row of 32 cells in colour A and 31 cells in colour B, and follow the



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