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Flower Motif – Intermeshing – Double Filet Crochet- Interlocking crochet

IMG_0116 IMG_0120

Still experimenting with charts using the technique of intermeshing – double filet; I copied this design directly from a knitted bag; I took a photograph of the bag and created a chart to work from, I could have written a pattern but written patterns can be complicated, long-winded and difficult to follow. I find charts quick, easy to follow and to work out where tweaking will be required. The original design on the bag consisted of the flower head, the stem and the leaves ( I used only the flower head). There were other flower designs on the bag and I will have a go at reproducing them in the future.

Note that the tension in this sample motif is deliberately loose to ease any adjustments required. I always work a swatch to adjust the tension prior to commencing any project.

To make my sample motif:

Yarn Type: 4 ply Acrylic machine knitting yarn, left over from a previous project.

Needles: 3.75mm crochet hook.

Method:Work a foundation row of 20 cells in colour A and 19 cells in colour B, and follow the chart.




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