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Abstract – Geometric Design – Intermeshing – Double Filet crochet – Interlocking crochet

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I’ve been experimenting with charts and abstract/geometric designs using the technique of intermeshing –double filet crochet. I found some very nice charts at and have been working on revising them for use with the intermeshing technique. This design is my first attempt. Not bad!

It was quite easy to follow this chart/design, although some chart designs do not replicate precisely. I’ve found that sometimes a chart will call for 4 cells or 4 rows, but in order to keep the design true you may need to work 5 cells or 5 rows. However, it is quite obvious what is required and when. Most design charts for filet crochet, with some tweaking, can be used for intermeshing. Experimentation is the key. Success comes with experience. The more you experiment with it, the more you’ll learn. I have lots of leftover yarn that I use to try out designs and make mistakes. I’m always willing to try something, and if it doesn’t work then unravel it and try again. It usually turns out right in the end!

I think this would be a great design for a throw cushion/pillow. My sample measures 10”X 9.5” but this could be increased by using DK or Aran yarn and a larger hook.


To make my sample:

Yarn Type: 4 ply Acrylic machine knitting yarn, left over from a previous project.

Needles:  3.75mm crochet hook.

Method:  Work a foundation row of 33 cells in colour A and 32 cells in colour B, and follow the chart at     I added one cell at each side of the design.


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