Hairpin Lace Crochet Scarf

26 Jan

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This is a really warm scarf, not heavy or bulky and very pretty/delicate looking.

Hairpin lace is a beautiful and easy crochet lace-making technique that uses a loom (sometimes called a staple), which consists of two parallel metal rods held at the top and the bottom by removable bars. In Victorian times, a metal U-shaped hairpin was used, which is how the lace got its name. Modern looms allow you to choose between various widths of lace. Hairpin lace is formed by wrapping yarn around the prongs of the hairpin lace loom to form loops, which are held together by crochet stitches worked in the centre of the prongs.The resulting strip of lace is worked to the length required then removed from the loom by removing the bottom bar of the hairpin and slipping the loops off the end. The required number of strips produced by this process can be joined together to create an airy and lightweight fabric. When creating hairpin lace fabrics, you can join a single loop at a time or groups of loops. The longer your loops (wider your strip), the more loops you can work at any given time without causing the fabric to excessively pucker.  You can join groups of loops by keeping the loops twisted or untwisted.

Various types of yarns and threads can be used to achieve different texture and design effects. Hairpin lace can also be used to as a trim on textiles and can also be added to knitted fabric.

To make my scarf:

Yarn Type: 4 ply Acrylic machine knitting yarn, left over from a previous project.

Needles: 3 inch hairpin loom/staple and a 3.75mm crochet hook.

Method: Work 20 strips of 3”x 300 loops hairpin lace, then join all edges together using interlaced groups of 5 twisted loops to make a long tube-shape of hairpin lace. Finish off the scarf by crocheting the ends together to close the tube and adding fringe. However, if you don’t like fringe, crocheting the edges together makes a nice neat edge.

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